Day 7

Breakfast: Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie.  1 cup watermelon, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 frozen banana.  Added 1 T ground flax seeds.  Also, a piece of whole wheat toast with a little jam.

Lunch: Homemade avocado & roasted orange bell pepper sushi with two rice balls.


Dinner: Leftover green curry with rice.

Snacks: Miso Soup

TOTALS Cals: 1,209; Fat: 32g; Carbs: 194g; Protein: 39g

Day 5 & 6/Moderation is key

Day 5

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 T ground flax seed and 1 banana.

Lunch: Another Cubano Sandwich

Dinner: Vegan shakshuka

Snack: Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake with cream “cheese” frosting and a Boca “Chicken” Patty

photo (8)

TOTALS Cals: 1,536, Fat: 35g; Carbs: 204g; Protein: 41g

Day 6

Breakfast: Cubano Sandwich

Lunch: Vegan Shakshuka from Vegan Eats World (only use 1 T Olive Oil for the whole dish and small spoonful of tahini) with a small spinach salad with vinegar, dried cranberries, and walnuts.

Dinner: Green Curry made with lite coconut milk, vegetable stock, tofu, Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste, and no oil.  Served with a half cup of (white, it’s all I can find here!) stick rice.

photo (7)

Snacks: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

TOTALS Cals: 1,468; Fat: 59g; Carbs: 143g; Protein: 64g


If you notice, in my day 5 log I logged in a vegan Red Velvet cupcake.  Well, I was craving cupcakes (damn Cupcake Wars)!  So I wanted to say that it’s ok to give into temptation now and again.  After all a diet isn’t suppose to be a fad; it’s suppose to be a lifelong decision.  And who wants to deny themselves cupcakes for the rest of their life? I know I sure as hell don’t.  Also, I’ve found that I can make a lot of the foods I still love- but with alterations.  I’ve noticed the alternations I typically have to make is cut back on oil/nuts/fats and eat smaller proportions.  Give it a try and see if you find any changes. 😉

Day 4

Breakfast: Another banana blueberry smoothie.

Lunch: Vegan Cubano sandwich from Viva Vegan.  Google the recipe and you’ll probably find it.  Just don’t use oil/Earth Balance while preparing it.

photo (6)

Dinner: Pasta con Broccoli from Appetite for Reduction.  Basically, a serving of whole wheat pasta with lots of broccoli, garlic, vinegar, and a little red pepper flakes.  Yummmm.

Snacks: Roasted Chickpeas and miso soup.

TOTAL Cals: 1,247; Fat: 30g; Carbs: 179g; Protein: 58g


Day 3

Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Smoothie.  1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, and 1 T ground flaxseeds.

Lunch: Seitan Negimaki with 1/2 cup brown rice and steamed veggies.  Seitan is 1/2 white loaf from Viva Vegan made without oil.

Dinner: Chik’n Waffles. Chicken-flavor seitan with a whole wheat waffle drizzled with 2 T faux maple syrup.  The seitan is grilled NOT deep fried.

Snacks: Black bean brownie from Happy Herbivore, unsweetened green tea, & 1/2 can chickpeas roasted in the oven with a little bit of nutritional yeast and salt sprinkled on top.


TOTALS Cals: 1,332; Fat: 20g; Carbs: 187g; Protein: 69g,

Day 2 and 10 Dieting Tips

Breakfast: Same thing as yesterday.

Lunch: Marinated baked tofu with a leftover veggie fajita from yesterday.

photo (1)

Dinner: Roasted veggies with parsnips, red bell peppers, onions, one sweet potato, and one regular potato. Roasted at 425 for 35 minutes with non-stick cooking spray oil.  Drizzled with 1.5 tsp extra-virgin olive-oil after roasting.

Snacks: Another black bean brownie from Happy Herbivore, toast with hummus, and a banana.

TOTALS Cals: 1,346; Fat: 37g; Carbs: 209g; Protein: 55g


So today I’m going to give some tips about weight loss that I’ve read on various places on the Internet.  I will be implementing these tips when possible.

  1. Do not drink calories.  Drink water or unsweetened teas.
  2. There is a minimal amount of calories you need to eat a day or else your metabolism will slow down.  For women, eat at least 1,200 calories a day.  For men, eat at least 1,500 calories a day.
  3. Cut late-night snacking.  Late-night snacking alone will not make you gain weight but consuming more calories will.  Late-night snacking = more calories.
  4. Exercising is important but you still have to track your calories.  Try not to overestimate how many calories you burn by means of exercising.  You probably aren’t burning as many as you think.
  5. Instead of sugary baked goods reach for fruit.  If you must have a slice of cake, try to make a one-serving proportion.  (Google is your friend!)  Also, replace the oil with applesauce (This is a 2:1 ratio.  So for 1 cup oil, use 1/2 cup applesauce.) and add 1-2 T oil to the recipe for texture and flavor.
  6. Eat your vegetables!
  7. Protein and fiber are your best friends for weight loss.  Beans meet both these criteria.
  8. My personal recommendation is getting good cookbooks geared towards your weight loss goal.  Try Happy Herbivore, Forks over Knives, and Appetite for Reduction.
  9. Track your calories.  Use MyFitnessPal or a similar website/phone app.  And make sure you count serving sizes!
  10. If you have to go out to eat, get a salad.  Get grilled meats instead of fried meats and ask for extra vegetables. Ask for dressing on the side and hold the cheese.  Dip your forkfuls of food into the dressing instead of pouring it on; you’ll consume less calories with this method.

Weight Loss Plan Day One

Breakfast: A piece of whole-wheat toast with 1.5 tsp grape jam, a cup of black coffee, and cheesy potato skillet from American Vegan Kitchen (not healthy at all but it was leftovers).

Lunch: Veggie Fajitas- zucchini, onion, red bell pepper, and garlic sauteed in water with 1/4 cup brown rice and 2 T black beans on 2 corn tortillas.

Dinner: Forty Cloves Chickpea and Broccoli from Appetite for Reduction (AFR) with 1 T Goddess Dressing from Annie’s.

Pictured without Annie's Goddess Dressing.

Pictured without Annie’s Goddess Dressing.

Snacks: A piece of whole-wheat toast with hummus, a banana, and 2 (oops) black bean brownies from Happy Herbivore (HH).


TOTALS Cals: 1,395; Fat: 39g; Carbs: 205g; Protein: 52g


Weight loss is all about calories in VS calories out; therefore, my goal is to eat between 1,200 – 1,500 calories/day.  I’m going to try and cook from lower-fat vegan cookbooks and track my calories via the iPhone MyFitnessPal app.  If you want to try a recipe I cited, try Googling it as well as the author and/or cookbook.  It might just come up as I know people love to post Isa’s recipes and Happy Herbivore has quite a few recipes online already.  Occasionally, I’ll include photos of what I’m eating.  This blog is mostly for motivational reasons but anyone wanting to join in or wanting to try a weight loss program can see exactly what I’m doing.  Cheers!